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Bay Blend
This is a nice smooth coffee with good flavor. ..
A low acidic, mild, smooth flavor. ..
Breakfast Blend
A good eye opener in the morning, it is a good strong coffee but not so strong as to be overpowering..
Builders Blend
One of our more popular blends, it’s a medium type coffee not too strong yet not too weak. ..
Coast Blend
A nice smooth blend with plenty of flavor. ..
Costa Rica
Rich in body, full in flavor a very aromatic coffee. ..
Espresso Blend
Excellent to use in latte’s or just to drink. ..
Ethiopia Yirgacheffe
A subtle fruity taste with low acidity and light body. ..
House Blend
A very good coffee with a medium to strong flavor. Organic. Good everyday type coffee. ..
Imperial Blend
A very full body coffee rich in flavor. Certified Organic.  ..
Island Blend
This is also a medium to full body coffee with a hint of chocolate tasting finish. ..
Italian Blend
A good coffee strong enough to use as espresso, yet enjoyable as an everyday coffee. ..
Papua New Guinea
Grown in the higher elevations of Papua New Guinea, this is a good full body coffee with a sweet ear..
This coffee has a crisp acidity and medium body. Certified Organic. ..
Peru (decaf)
A good well balanced coffee, good flavor. ..
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Coffee Blends


One of my most popular blends, this also is a good full body coffee (Organic)
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Single Origin Coffee


This is a rich full body coffee grown in the higher elevations. Certified Organic.
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Decaffeinated Coffee

Mexico (Decaf)

A good well balanced coffee, good flavor.
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